By the end of May 2019 my art show equipment and van were sold freeing me from the urge to apply to "one more show." Since then it's been a lot of work to make my studio more efficient by reorganizing it and removing supplies that are no longer needed for the shows. If you've been looking at this space for new work, it'll be a bit more time before I can set my focus on a new direction, spending the time instead on family and home. I can no longer multitask my life at warp speed, so now it's one thing at a time.
In May, I visited relatives in northwestern Montana where "Big Sky" is a gorgeous reality. Rain kept me from doing much hiking, but we took drives that threaded through mountains and overlooked waterfalls and incredible stone cliffs. I was so pleased to see that Montana has thriving art communities all over.

Please do keep me posted on your travels and family milestones!